Fall Boots and outfits!

Hi girls! Today, I will be showing you some great variations of boots for fall. If in front of the phrases you see smiley faces:

🙂 = Good point

😦 = Bad point

😛 = Half half

At the end, I will tell you the ULTIMATE fashion icon to look up to when needing advice for fashion! So, lets get started!

1.Combat Boots

The ultimate boots if you little a style a lil edgy and cool. If you’re a Rebel, this is definitively you!

Sometimes it has spikes,strapes,buckles and lace! Very nice boots that I highly recommend.

🙂 Sometimes waterproof

😦 Not always waterproof

🙂 Great styles

😦 Sometimes very Uncomfortable.


2.Fur boots

Love fur boots!

I especially love fur boots because of, of course, the fur! Fur boots usually have fur inside, so they are warm and fuzzy!!!

🙂 SOOO Warm!

😦 Not at all waterproof, not even with the spray.




3.Fringe Boots

These boots are for girls that like something a little bit extreme. With those fringes, you’ll definitely not go unnoticed.

😦 Not waterproof

🙂 Very cute for some girls

😦 Not always comfortable

🙂 Comes in lots of bright colors


4.Rain Boots

I know what your thinking: “OMG! She really thinks I’m going to wear RAIN boots for school!? There not at all fashionable!”

Well,your wrong. Some rain boots are TOTALLY adorable! With the right color , they are  the perfect pair of boots!

🙂 Waterproof

😛 Sometimes nice colors

🙂 Adorable if you pick the right ones

🙂 They can come in different styles

Here are some types:

Boots4-Combat Boots-Rain boot

Boots5-Charms also work too

So,I picked one style of boots to make an outfit with and I chose..

Rain Boots:

Outfits  OR

Hunters Coral Rain boots

Outfit 1 boots

Justice Solid WaterFall Fringe Cardigan

Outfit 1 Cardigan


Old Navy 3/4 Graphic Tee

Like a boss

H & M Denim leggings with sequins


Now..here it goes!


For fashion and beauty advice, go to: https://girlstweenfashion.wordpress.com

Ava is an amazing fashion icon that will help you with any problem you have! 





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