I’m so sorry! I’ve been so distracted and did NOT have the time do post anything. I posted something on Tween Spot (You’re going to have to write Tween Spoot; a glitch happened)about the Holidays, and I’m going to do the same thing here. So, let’s get STARTED!!

I’ve already seen shows talking about Christmas and the holidays. Today, I’m going to be doing the cons and pros (so basically what do to and not)

🙂 DO: When you get a gift that you don’t like or you already have, say thank you nicely. Not fun when someone sees that you’re not happy.

😦 DON’T: You DON’T want your gift scenario to go like this:

Me: Oh. Yay. New socks.. (sarcastically)

Mom: Sweetie, say thank you.

Me: Right. (Not) Thank you.


Me:WHAT!? I hate my present!

Grandmother: Oh, she doesn’t like it…

Mom: Evelynn, your room!


Mom: NOW!!

Not only you’re totally embarrassed, it’s super rude.

  • Number 1 Holiday Lesson: Always accept your gifts, even if you already have it. Some peoples in the world don’t even GET gifts, so you’re super lucky.

🙂 DO: Help you’re family! They will be very happy and they will respect you COMPLETLY!

😦 DON’T: Stay like a lasy person, on the couch, eat potatoes chips (YUM!) and watching TV. They will feel embarrassed to have you in your house.

I know this is a really short list of do or don’t, but i wanted to do a poll to ask: What are your favorite treats!?






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