7 Tips To Organize Yourself For 2016

First of all, I just wanted to say: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEARS! I am so touched and happy that, a soon 11 year old girl, can get more than 200 VIEWS in less than the half of the year!! I know that,compared to other websites, that’s pretty bad, because other websites can get over 1,000 VIEWS in a day. But I really dont care, because for a girl, that  had 2 websites to manage in less than HALF A YEAR is pretty good. So just remember to spread the word to your friends and family. I want to reach at least 500 views and at least 50-100 followers. I wish you the best in luck for 2016, and comment down below to tell me: Do you have any resolutions that you would want to achieve? What is it?

We had a long and rusty 2015, but now we can start over. This new year, I’m starting with a life hack/DIY post. If one of your resolutions to be more organized, this is totally for you. Even if this is not one of your resolutions, it’s ok! This can still help you.

  1. Have a calendar. Having a calendar will help you a LOT. You can keep track of what you need to do, what is important , like your mom’s birthday, exams, etc. You buy one at your local dollar store, or even make your own DIY calendar. It’s a really fun thing to do, and you can express your creativity. You can even use chalkboard spray paint and more! There are also different types of calendars. Desk,wall,etc.
  2. Keep a schedule. Having a schedule to keep for after school or activities can work. Not only you won’t forget your days like me, you’ll find time for other thing like reading a book for 30 minutes, watch a short film with your brother for 45 minutes and more.
  3. Keep track of the time and date. You won’t forget anything you planned in your schedule and you will always know what to do, and when.
  4. Be realistic. When I was doing my schedule, I would always tell myself “Oh, studying will just take 10 minutes!” but when I study, it takes me more like 1 hour. If you don’t think ahead, this may disturb the WHOLE schedule. If you think that something will take 30 minutes, think at least 10-15 minutes ahead of time. That way, even if it’s shorter, you have extra time.
  5. Have an alarm clock. Oops! I over slept AGAIN. Now, I don’t have time to study my science test! Oh, now I can’t make the chocolate chip waffles I planned to make at 7am! Not waking up at the right time can mess up your schedule as well as your day. Ask your parents to buy you one. You can even use your phone, and put a cool song on it.
  6. Organize your closet. Here are ways to organize your closet:
  • Put your clothes coloured organized
  • Plan the outfit you want to wear the next day
  • A nice DIY: You will need:

-Wooden Hangers: You can buy this at your local craft store

-Waterproof ink pad: You can buy this at your local craft store

-(Rubber) Stamps: Make sure they have letters: buy the

                      1.Put your stamps in order for the word you want to stamp. Ex: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc

                      2. Gently press each stamp on the ink pad.

                      3. Stamp each letter one at the time. Try to avoid moving the stamp side or it will smudge. Now, when your done,  set aside your hanger and wait for the ink to dry. Then, you can hang you clothes on it!

7. Do it in STYLE! Always have fun when your doing these things. Dance with music when your organizing your closet, make time in your schedule to play soccer with your sisters, or paint your nails with you mom. Just have fun!

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Wooden Stamps
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