Blogilates & Gift Haul

Hey guys!

First of all, I’m going to start my gift haul. I got:

  • A 50 $ gift card to the mall!
  • A 50 $ gift card of Abercrombie & Fitch
  • 25 $ cash
  • 100 $ from grand-parents.

And that’s really it! I’m soo happy to be spending my moneyūü§Ď¬†

Next, my intro. Ahem.

Hey guys! I missed you guys soo much. I’m so sorry, but march break is coming soon, I was planning some post and/or activites I could of put here. But, I have stuff planned out, so if you quickly want to check out my Fashion and Beauty with my Health and Food page, you will also see that I have new things.¬†

Quick note: I was also planning to take down the Miss-know-it-all page. If you dont know its what, I’ll explain it to you very quickly! On the Miss-Know-It-All page, you get to ask questions to my Miss K-I-A, about anything. Then, in my newest post, I’ll then write it and post the answer. (unless you don’t want it to go public) So tell in the comments below if you want to keep the Miss-Know-It-All Page, or not! Ok, Let’s get started on Blogilates!

First, the definition.

Blogilates stands for “Blog” and “Pilates”. Pilates is a physical fitness system. It’s basically working out. (But less hard?)¬†

Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho is the creator of Blogilates, and not only she does super great workouts but she also does amazing healthy and delicious recipes! If you’re not really a workout person, you could always do her stretching.

Her Channel

Cassey has 2 or 3 channels-Blogilates for workouts and stretching, Blogilates Tv for delicious recipes and some stretching and I think..One vlog channel? If you go see her channel in Youtube, tell in the comments down below if she has 2 or 3 channels.

Body Pop

Not only she has a youtube channel where she need to stay on like, every 2 days, but she also has a clothing line! Body Pop is a fitness activewear clothing line by Cassey Ho. It is for women, sadly, but you can also go check out her amazing style!

Cassey has been in lots of shows, like Dr. Oz. She is an amazing role model. She has two stories that I think that you are going to rethink. She is very encouragent and will let you know that you can do anything.





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