10 Fun Things to do for March Break + Amazing Easter Crafts!

ūüĆ∑Hello..it’s me..

Hi guys! MARCH BREAK just started! Ahh. It’s like, a relief to sleep in and FaceTime my friends all morning. Today, I am going to show you guys things that you can do during March Break. Then, i’ll tell you guys some Youtubers and/or a website that I found that are doing adorable things for Easter. So, let’s get started!

Quick Note: I changed the layout of the blog. I don’t know if you guys can read it well, so notifie me if you guys can’t read it well.

    1.Have a girl day out. 

¬†You can go paint your nains…Eat a small cafe or restaurent…Go shopping. This is some really good mother-daughter bonding time.Then, you’ll be BFF’s forever!

     2.Go shopping with your besties.

It’s really fun to go hang out with¬†your friends over March Break! This is a MOST-DO. I tell you, this is so fun to do this with your friends. If your friends don’t like shopping, I suggest rollerblading.


3.Do lots of activities.

This will keep you active and fit during March Break. Festivals, lemonade stand, camps, etc. Even rock climbing!

¬† ¬†4.Try DIY’s.

Bethany Mota, Meredith Foster, Niki and Gabi.. Amazing youtubers that love DIY’s and crafts. There are also lots of recopies that are sooo good!

  5.Have a bake sale.

You can always go online or on Youtube and find some yummy recipes. I suggest: Martha Stewart, Baking Mad and Nerdy Nummies.(Youtube)


  6.Visit a community center.

¬†Visit the library, the pool… Things that are at your local¬†community center.

  7.Volunteer somewhere.

I volunteer at a food bank and I felt amazing! This will help the community.

  8.Visit a museum.

Pretty self explanitory. 

  9.Make your own indoor garden.

I really like this DIY because it shows that Spring is here! Take some fake or real plants and then you put them in a pot. Fill it with dirt for plants. It will also add a pop of color to your room or anywhere you want to place it.


 10.Participate in local festivals.

The’re are lots of festivals on March Break. It’s a fun activities you can do with family and friends.


Check out Style Me Up because they have amazing Easter DIY’s.¬†

This week, they have a Easter Bunny Jar DIY, and a Pom pom garland.  They also have a video of youtubers Brooklyn and Bailey. They are doing 3 Cute DIY Easter Eggs Ideas. 

Check out HelloMaphies Youtube channel. I tell you, Mafer is the BO$$ of DIY’s. For Easter, she has lots of nail art, so make sure to check those out!

Last ¬†but not least, Bethany Mota!! I just went on her youtube channel, and they were awesome¬†Easter DIY’s. She has gifts, DIY’s, outfit ideas, makeup, etc..





3 thoughts on “10 Fun Things to do for March Break + Amazing Easter Crafts!

  1. […] other do to this. I thought it would be a very cool experience to try out. This is kinda like my March Break/Easter Post, so I’m going to show you a¬†blog that I found that will totally motivate you for Summer. […]


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