8 Fun Things To Cook/Bake On Easter! +

Hey guys! Today, I’mma show you guys my top 10 recipes to do for Easter! Easter is coming up real quick, so these are some recipes that will have you jumping of joy for! These are recipes you don’t always have to do on Easter. You can even do some randomly!

Quick Note: I saw how much you guys loved my March Break post. Thinking of making it a category How does that sound!?


1.Ricardo’s Apple Crisp

This is my favorite recipe in the world. If you dont have time to do it in the oven, you can do him Microwave Apple Crisp recipe.

2. Ricardo’s homemade pizza

A classic.

3. Yummly’s Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

When I saw this recipe, I went OMG! this needs to be made for Easter.

4.Yummly’s Krispy Easter Eggs

Don’t they look delish?!



5. Epicurious’s Glazed Donuts

.I love donuts, I think they are really super cute to decorate.

6. Hershey’s S’mores Pops

This is a beginner recipe that anyone can do. I think they look super and takes amazing!

7.  Hershey’s Egg Filled Nest Cookies 

Theese cookies and just SOOO cute for this holiday.

8. BirdOnACake’s Easter Chick Cupcakes


Spring Chick Cupcakes7 logo

Happy Easter everyone! Xox


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