Collab #1: Lucia’s 5 life-hacks for Summer!

Hi guys! Like I said in my latest post, I wanted to collab with Lucia. Well, here’s your collab!!! 

Lucia in my mind is such a talented blogger and if you want to find a new website, its definitively hers. Now, let’s get reading!

BTW: The image that I put was captured and belongs to Lucia.

Hi all of you beautiful followers of IATL.

My name is Lucia from , and the lovely, Evelynn, asked me to write a guest post here on It’s a Tween Life. I’m very excited so I hope you all enjoy reading the post!

So it’s Summer, we all die of heat and end up being lazy. You get the gist. Sometimes, we just need something that will be easy and fun to do. That’s when life-hacks come in handy. Therefore I want to show you my top 5 life-hacks for Summer!

I. So, you’ve spent the day at the beach, reapplied sun cream, but you get home and are burnt. All you have to do is freeze aloe vera in an ice cube tray, and there you have it, instant sunburn relief!

II. We all love having some sweet, juicy fruit during the hotter months. And there might not be anything better than opening a carton of gorgeous strawberries. But then you cut off the stalk and leaf, and ending up with a strawberry fit for an ant. So instead of using a knife, just pop a straw through the pointy bit at the bottom, push if through, and the stalk and leaves come off so easily!

III. In the heat, we all easily become de-hydrated. To help remind yourself use a permanent marker and write the hours of the day on your water bottle. Once you’ve finished the bottle, refill it! Remember that you should try to drink 2 litres of water a day.

IV. Ice Cream is delicious, we all know that, but usually it’s not the healthiest. For a healthy but delicious replacement, try blending frozen bananas and adding cinnamon, the consistency is just like smooth, creamy, ice cream!

V. If your hair gets tangled and knotty after swimming, especially in salt-water, try putting some conditioner in dry hair before swimming. Then when your finished, just brush or comb through it! If there are still some knots, spray some detangling spray, and voila, hair as soft and silky as a cloud!

I really hope you enjoyed reading my post here on IATL!




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