6 Things to do this summer!

Ok, I’m gonna say it first:


I’m sorry that for some of you I posted late. This is my problem:

In the USA, (and maybe other countries?) they finish school and begin summer in May. But in Canada, it’s ending in 3 days. So, tell me when you guys finish school, so when we do the Back-To-School with Evelynn series :), we can start on time. So, let’s stop talking about school! BTW: This was one of my sister’s tip in her new post, Tips & tricks to have a wonderful summer break. <— Check it out!


  1. Don’t worry and be happy.
    School’s out, yay! Now you need to relax. Stay calm, and don’t try to quarrel with your sibling(s). I know, very difficult, but you gotta try. And DON’T think of school!
  2. Eat healthy and stay fit! They’re are lots of youtubers that can help you with that!
    Sierra Furtado, Bethany Mota, and more! But also, you can check my Health and Food page for more ideas!
  3. Go to carnivals, festivals and concerts!
     They’re are lots of free carnivals and concerts in summer. About a week ago, Toronto hosted the iHeart Radio MMVAs! Even though I live pretty far and I could not go, I was still very proud of my country.
  4. Do lots of DIY’s! 
    That always keeps me busy during summer. I get to decorate my room, which is really cool. Go shopping at your local art shop.
  5. Watch funny videos on YouTube.  
     Check out my newest post, 10 Fun Blogs and Youtube Channels for Tweens to visit!  for good ideas on what videos you can watch.
  6.  Bake a lot. 
    Go check out cooking websites! I recommend Baking Mad and All Recipes. You can even host a bake sale to get some cash.1

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