8 Amazing books to read during the summer , or anytime soon!


I am back with my “…During the summer/summer” collection! And today will be so amazing! So ya… i present to you books to read this summer or anytime soon!



summer-reading-653x0_q80_crop-smartCharlotte’s Web

  • I watched the movie, and it was an unremembered movie! ( Umm… don’t even know if Unremembered is even a WORD!!!) Anyways, ya! I totally recommend watching the movie but hey, the book is always better!

Author: E. B. White


     2. The “Geronimo Stilton: Travel Through Time ” series

            UMM… i don’t know what to say!Oh, just read the book already!!

Author: Elisabetta Dami


     3. Finally 12!

I recently just started reading this book, and i loved it! It actually talked about a girl that…UMMM…… TOO MUCH INFO!!!

Author: Wendy Mass


     4. Percy Jackson: The Olympians

OMG!! This is my favorite “NO PICTURES” book! If you are not a fan of books that don’t have images , don’t worry! This book will be the best!

AuthorRick Riordan


     5. The Land of Stories

My sister ( Evelynn , the creator of ItsaTweenLife) and I, are just absolutely obsessed with this series! It is a great  book full of adventures and comedy! It even has a whole series!

AuthorChris Colfer

     6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 


      These books are just hilarious! All of these books have a totally different subject, and are so popular around the world! 

Author: Jeff Kinney


     7. Dork Diaries


     Read the books, and you will get why i added it on my list! Trust me!

Author: Rachel Renee Russell

     8. The Big Nate


      This guy just cracks me up! I can not even resist it! Nate has so many cool adventures and funny emotions!

Author: Lincoln Peirce









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