3 Great Ideas For A Summer Birthday Or Party!

pool-15Hey! Its Nathalia , and today I have a pretty unique blog post for you tweens today! As u can see by looking at the title, I will be giving you ideas for summer birthdays or parties! Lets get into it!

1. A-Pool-Party

Everyone knows that a pool party is like the top idea that come into your mind when you think of a summer party! But if it’s too hot outside, you can always put sunscreen, and jump into that freezing cold pool! Yup! FREEZING!

2. At An Amusement Park!

So if you arena Canada, you have Canadas Wonderland or the West Edmonton Mall Waterpark/ amusement park! If you are in the U.S you have other places that i do not know of! At W.E.M, the water park is not just a splash pad waterwork, it has some serious stuff!

3. A Beach Party!

Even if it is like the hottest day outside, the beach would be amazing too cool down, and get some delicious cool drink like slush and all the above!


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