6 Everyday Life Hacks :P


Today, I’m going with a more traditional post:



  1. Use popsicles sticks as a motivation to be active.
     enhanced-buzz-5422-1383239641-19  Via www.buzzfeed.com

2.  Put vaseline around your nails when your painting your nails. So when your done, just wash off the vaseline and ta-daa! The nail polish will NOT spread outside your nails.


Via http://www.seventeen.com/

3. DIY a lip stain. Mix a packet of Kool-Aid (preferably cherry for a reddish-pink color) with a tablespoon of Vaseline. When you apply it to your lips, the balm will give you a red lip that lasts.


Via www.seventeen.com

4. Take an oatmeal bath after you just got an awful sunburn. 

Itchy skin is one of the worst parts about getting a sunburn.What better why to soothe itchy skin?


5. Use brown sugar + honey for the ultimate body scrub. Add baking soda + lemon for a face scrub. You can also do strawberries + lime juice + almond oil +  salt for beautiful results.

Skin Brightening Face Scrub Ingredients

  • 5 large strawberries (or 10 small)
  • Juice of 1/2 lime
  • 1 teaspoon of Almond Oil
  • 4 tablespoons Salt

Skin Brightening Face Scrub Instructions 

  1. Add strawberries to blender or food processor and pulse several times to break up berries. (Note: You do not want them mushy)

2. Stir in lime juice and almond oil

3. Mix in salt.

4. Smooth over clean, damp skin and work in small circular motions.

5. Leave mixture on for a few minutes (only if you have time!)

6. Wash strawberry face scrub off and pat skin dry.

homemade-face-scrubVia “The Chic Site”

6. You know how sometimes you can’t find the beginning of the tape roll? No worries! Just add a paper clip to the end of it and ta-daa! Make sure to put it back everytime.

colourful_assortment_of_paper_clips_10421946796Via Wikipedia



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