Getting-Ready-For-2016/2017-School-Year Challenge!

Hi my tweens!

Getting-Ready-For-2016%2F2017-School-Year challenge!

This collection is a simple way to get you ready for the school year! From cheap-DIY’s to a school reading list, I swear that at the end YOU will be ready to ace the school year. I decided to do this collection because… once the 2017 school year is done, I get to go to..MIDDLE SCHOOL!! I’m getting closer to the teen age :3 This is a special series in the Back-To-School series with Evelynn, but I’ll be doing back to school with Evelynn next year (technically this is Back-To-School with Evelynn). I’ll be giving tips and tricks for school. That means I’ll be posting (almost) EVERY DAY!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hope you guys like this series because I can’t WAIT!

BTW: Every post, i’ll give you funny school quotes to motivate you for school 🙂

DAY II – Tip: How to style my hair and clothing.

This is probably a girl’s dilemma. On the first day of school, you want to impress everyone. So, thats why you want to have nice hair and nice clothing.. I read a blog post on Sweety High, and its said:

“Hate to break it to you, but you’re the only person who really cares what you look like on the first day of school. Everyone is so concerned about their own appearance that they’ll hardly notice yours. Sure, you want to make a great first impression, but don’t overthink your look! You are beautiful no matter what, so rock whatever style you choose”

Thats *exactly* want I want to tell you. Of course you can show up on the first day of school wearing nice clothing, but don’t try to go daring the first day. Here are a few hairstyles that I matched with outfits. You can obviously mix and match if you want to!

  1. For the girl with curly hair

I am in love with this first hair style, and it’s called the waterfall braid! Super duper cute if you ask me. The tutorial’s link is right here.


2. For the girl with nice waves

Have beautiful waves? Own them like Selena! She can rock the Medium Layered Wavy Hairstyle and so can you! I guess you just go layer you hair and cut it at a nice length and voila!

medium-layered-wavy-hairstyle-2016-500x716Via hairstyles

3. For the girl with straight hair

Ok, I just love this hairstyle. Simply braid two french braids. Don’t know how to do them? Watch the video here (Skip to 2:45 if you don’t want to hear her talk to much :)).


4. For the girl with kinky hair

Take your hair and do a french braid starting from the top and work your way around your head. You may want to ask your mom to do this -.-

d090b4b310afd86f562e032e359cc21f Via

5. For the girl with very curly hair

Steal Amandla Stenberg look with this gorgeous hairstyle. Simply pull your hair up in a high ponytail, but leave some hair fall loose at the back of the neck. Finish off with hairspray (if you want!) for a light, flexible hold.

13423427_249608192080056_1263257153_n Via Instagram/@amandlastenberg

Ok guys! Here are my #OOTD’s!!

  1. 7fc506c014352ecc8c1fa1a937137356
  2. befc833f1accd85c63984346a6b30947
  3. 2afa2a1f030f81ea9c598f19ef90ab6a

#OOTD : Made by Eve

– faux suede flowy tank from Justice (Comes in 3 colors)
– Super Skinny Fit Jeans for H&M (Comes in 4 colors)
– Champion Prints CVO Sneaker from Keds (Comes in 2 colors)
– studded crossbody bag from Justice (Comes in 2 colors)

Come back 2morrow for an other post!



Reasons why we don’t need school:

Music: We have Youtube for that

Sport: There’s a wii

English: everything shortened anyways (BRB, IDK)

Math: That’s why we have calculators.

Geography: I’ll buy a globe

History: They’re all dead anyways!


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