Getting-Ready-For-2016/2017-School-Year Challenge!

Hi my tweens!

Getting-Ready-For-2016%2F2017-School-Year challenge!

This collection is a simple way to get you ready for the school year! From cheap-DIY’s to a school reading list, I swear that at the end YOU will be ready to ace the school year. I decided to do this collection because… once the 2017 school year is done, I get to go to..MIDDLE SCHOOL!! I’m getting closer to the teen age :3 This is a special series in the Back-To-School series with Evelynn, but I’ll be doing back to school with Evelynn next year (technically this is Back-To-School with Evelynn). I’ll be giving tips, DIYs and tricks for school. That means I’ll be posting (almost) EVERY DAY!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hope you guys like this series because I can’t WAIT!

BTW: Every post, i’ll give you funny school quotes to motivate you for school 🙂

DAY IV – Recipe: Peach Cobbler Yogurt Parfait Snack/Breakfast

This is my new favorite recipe! Its super idea and such a delicious idea.It’s a great way to start your day. Its packed with proteins, vitamins and more. If you search “Peach Cobbler Yogurt Parfait”  you won’t get the same thing as my recipe. That’s right! Mine is one-of-a-kind. Ok, ok! Done with the intro. Let’s get into it!

*Serves One

                               You Will Need:

One nectarine 



Brown Sugar

White Sugar

Vanilla Yogurt

Oats (Here’s a really good recipe)

– A spoon

  1. Get a chopping board and dice your nectarine into cubes.
  2. In a small bowl, mix 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, nutmeg +brown sugar. Add white sugar if you like it sweeter
  3. In a mason jar, or bowl or whatever your using to make your parfait, layer yogurt and oats over one an other.
  4. Mix the peaches with the cinnamon mix.
  5. Put the half the peaches over the oats and continue. The order should be like this: yogurt, oats, peaches, yogurt, oats, peaches, etc.
  6. If you have extra peaches left, sprinkle it on top.
  7. And ta daa!

*If this is your first time doing this recipe, I suggest your to do half the recipe.

*An image of the recipe will be uploaded soon.


6 things we say in school:

  1. I’m tired
  2. I’m cold
  3. I don’t get it
  4. I’m hungry
  5. What time is it?
  6. I want to go home

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