My Favourite Fall Outfits + How to use Summer Clothing for Fall

Oh god, I love double posts.

Hello everyone!

If you are new here, hey, I’m Evelynn, and I’m a quirky 11 year old tween. Welcome to my blog and I hope your enjoying it! To all my returning readers, hello there! Nice to see you again. So, by reading the title, you can know that we have a 2 in 1 post: Fall Outfits + Summer Clothing: How to use it in Fall. I made all the outfits on Polyvore, which is such a cool website. Secondly, this post was actually inspired by a company I recently heard about. Its called MakeSpace, and it’s an online self storage company that comes to you and stores whatever you need for you and can be used through their app! Cool, right!? I also spend lots of time on double posts, like 1 hour, so please drop in a like and maybe reblog it? I mean, if you want…  I realized lots of you readers don’t have WordPress accounts, so to make a WordPress account, i’ll just have a button that you can click on the sidebar. All you need is an email and voila! All set.. But anyhow, let get star-ted!

  1. Pretty Plaid Pretty Plaid          I just love this outfit so much! It’s an amazing combination of edgy and cool. You got your plaid shirt, which is used to wrap around your waist. It’s totally insta-worthy..
  2. Bomber BAM! Bomber BAM! Let’s face it: This outfit is BAE. I have a bomber jacket exactly like that one from H&M and I’m gonna wear that outfit when Fall comes. It’s got that cozy feel that I love. 
  3. Beautiful Pastels Beautiful Pastel I don’t know why, but I feel that pastels are going to do great this fall. Usually, pastel is for spring, but who said you can’t wear it in Fall? 
  4. Sparkling Beauty Sparkly Perfection          In this outfit, I got plenty of jewelry and bling. I find it’s a very striking outfit.
  5. Over-The-Top Overalls

This is probably one of my favourite outfits! I have overalls and I love them!  Boots are a big thing for me! So it’s essential for me to have good footwear.


It’s always so hard to use my summer clothing for Fall, and I wanted to show you guys how I store my clothing for Fall.

  1. T-shirts → I always wear T-shirts with cardigans and jackets.
  2. Shorts → I don’t really wear shorts in fall
  3. Sandals → I still wear sandals in Fall but I mostly wear boots

I store my summer clothing in boxes that I keep somewhere in my closet just because if I just want to wear something c h i l l, I can..

And we are done! Yay! But not yay.. Just wanted to make a little note saying that we are at 33 tweens now! I am confident that we can get to 50 in 4-6 months.. Let try! Fall is my favourite season, so get ready for a Halloween-Theme blog next week!


Thank you to everybody who just read this post and have a fashion-filled day! x




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