Important news.

So judging by the title, you probably know it’s something very important. I have thought about it, and have made a final choice.

I’m quitting IATL.
Just to be clear, I didn’t say that I was quitting blogging.
I have decided to make a new blog ( that you will sadly not know about- It will be incognito.)
I will still be an author, but I won’t be posting often.


instead of DIY blogs, I want a blog that I will be writing all my feelings. I won’t be having the same email but will be checking my IATL email VERY often.
I have some awesome friends on IATl, so I will tell them about my new website.
I won’t really care if I don’t have a lot of followers. All I need are peoples to relate to.

I am very, truly sorry to those which I have let down. My sis will still carry on IATL, and I will be helping her out. So in every post, I will be there:)




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