Quick December Update + My Christmas WL + Pros and Cons of Winter \ Blogmas Day ⛄1⛄/








I am the happiest person on Earth. Not only I get to redo IATL’s header and background, but I get to do awesome posts!! I have a November Favorites coming up (even tho it’s December) and PLENTY of Holiday posts like recipes, outfits, and gifts for everyone (Yes, the one I did last year ☺) If you didn’t check it out, you NEED to. They are Super Duper cute, and cheap.

Before I start something else, here’s my Christmas wishlist:

  1. An iPhone 5s in rose gold
  2. A lavender or teal KitchenAid mixer

My REALISTIC wishlist: (I’m just putting this down someone (Ahem…scoff scoff… PARENTS… scoff scoff) told me that it wasn’t realistic. )

  1. Magazine subscription to TigerBeat
  2. Books (The School for Good and Evil, etc.)
  3. Gifts card to the closest mall and/or gifts cards to Urban Planet, Forever 21 and H&M =-D
  4. Stationary (New pens, markers, notebooks.. All that stuff.)

But wait, I forgot something.. New Years!


Time for my New Years Resolution Posts and my quizzes!! I’m so excited and can’t wait!

Have you ever thought: “Arg, it’s Winter.” or “YAY, IT’S WINTER!

Well, I have. That’s because all seasons have pros and cons. And here they are ❄:


  1. We get to play in the snow (If you have some in your area)
  2. We get to drink hot chocolate and cozy up in our home

3 Cons:

  1. Sometimes it’s so cold that you can even drive to see your friend
  2. Goodbye, Sun.
  3. If you have no more electricity, game over. 

And that’s it for today. I would love to know what you want for the holidays. Just comment down below

° Blogmas Day 1/25 °


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