November/December  Faves \ Blogmas Day ⛄️2⛄️/

Hey, guys! Welcome to Day 2 :p

I’m sharing with you guys today my November/December favorites. From pajamas (is that how you spell it?) from my boots, I love all of them.

  1. My ABORABLE 🌼 Boots I am in 💖 with these boots. Comfortable, I found them for about.. 50$ at Shoe Company (in the adult section) This is SO in fashion in Fall, but I’ll still wear them in winter when we have no ❄. BTW: So furry!!
  2. My PANDA 🐼 PJs.   I got this at Bluenotes for about 15 to 20 bucks a few days ago. Again, its the softest thing ALIVE! I will be SO ready to wake up and find my Christmas gifts in this outfit.
  3. My sock slippers 👟    They are so comfortable. I love how they are slippers ansd socks. I’ll just wear them in the house, but I’ll know they protect my feet first.
  4. Ruby red nail polish 💅   It’s Christmas so it kinda just make sense to have red polish. According to a magazine, burgundy is the shade or red for the faired skined, orange-red for those with medium skin and ruby red for dark skinned.
  5. Merry marshmallow kiss Bath and Body works cream   This cream smells so good and sweet. I’m actually trying to get a cream for every season and I have summer and winter. A perfect gift to everyone that likes perfumes.

And that was my list! What were your favorite accessories in November, or did you buy something new? I would love to know!


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