How to go from “naughty” to “nice on Santa’s list / Blogmas Day ⛄️6⛄️/


I think all of us have thought that we’re on the naughty list. We probably weren’t, but it was a possibility. What happens IF you get on the list? How can you get out!?


  1. Do good deeds. Good deeds come from your heart, not from your head. For example, my class is going to a nursing home very soon. It’s going to be very fun spending  time with them and making cookies. We are making cards and ornaments for them. Usually, these peoples are lonely because no one come to see them. We’re hoping that this is going to make them feel better 🙂
  2. Be nice to your siblings. This will be the hardest, for sure. This is nearly impossible, but here’s a trick: All you have to do is agree with them all the time. If you don’t agree with them, speak to them in a very calm matter.
  3. Forgive. If someone has done something bad to you, you have to forgive them. That’s the whole point of Christmas. As a Catholic, I vow to believe in Jesus, and that all sins must be forgiven, no matter how bad it is. Forgive someone will ultimately make you feel lighter and more heavenly.

And that’s all my tips! Tell me if you have more! Do you think you’re on the naughty list or the good one? Comment down below!


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