How to make good/realistic New Years resolutions| Blogmas Day ⛄️9⛄️/

Hello everyone!

If you’re new here, then hi, my name is Evelynn and this is Its A Tween Life! My blog is about everything you love: delicious recipes, cute DIYs, fabulous outfits, and plenty of tips and tricks to make your life much easier.

Today’s post will be How to make good and realistic New Years resolutions.

Here are the steps:


  1. Is your resolution accurate? When describing your resolution, you should be able to describe it perfectly: What (Ex: Get fit) Where (Ex: At a gym) When (Ex: Every Monday and Friday evening, at 6 PM) Who (Ex: Me and Nathalia) How (Ex: Keeping track in a fitness journal/in my phone).
  2. Is it basic? By basic, I mean is it something very clear. Don’t make it complicated for nothing.
  3. Is it Challenging? Don’t make it easy. There’s no point. Try to make it something you’ll really want to hold on too.


I hope that helped you all. Tell me in the comments: What is/are your resolution(s)?


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