Blogger of the month: Shania / Blogmas Day ⛄️13⛄️/

Hey, guys! Welcome to Day 13 of Blogmas! Today I’m introducing you to a new category: Blogger of The Month! This one is extra cuz it’s  Christmas. Without further ado…


Congrats to Shania for winning the blogger of the month award! Here is an acrostic poem explaining a bit of how great Shania’s blog is:

Super cool





Amazing blogger


About her:


Shania Ahmed is a girl who loves to bake, craft and read.She likes to spend her days laying around in her bed eating,blogging and watching Netflix.Her obsessions are grammar,painting her nails,and fashion.She is 11,and in 6th grade at Pleasanton Middle School.She has a 4.0 GPA,and her dream college is Stanford or UCLA.Her favorite books are the Hunger Games,and her favorite TV show is Dance Moms.

About her blog:

Hi!This is my blog,Life As Shania.Here,you can find blogging tips,recipes,DIYs,and lifestyle posts on this blog.This blog was created on June 2016.I have been blog around 4 years now,and I have loved every minute of it.People might criticize this blog,but that’s only because they are jealous.Enjoy!

Her latest post:

HUGE Suprise!!!


Shania’s blog is all about creativity, recipes and DIY’s. She is kind, caring and of course… AWESOME!! Go check out her blog at




Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all!

Xx, Nathalia


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