Christmas Posts Ideas | Blogmas Day ⛄14⛄/

I think we’ve all had a period where we just all blanked out. I’ve had that a lot, so I had to keep searching up good posts ideas. Then, I had an idea to make a blog post about blog post ideas (Ha ha, that was a very complicated word game.) Here are 25 differents posts ideas for CHRISTMAS!

  1. Christmas Haul
  2. 3 different types of cookies that Santa will love.
  3. Gifts for family and friends
  4. Christmas outfits
  5. Naughty or Nice quiz
  6. Inventing a new tag (ex: The Christmas blogger tag)
  7. Vlog (If you’re not home)
  8. DIY Decorations
  9. New Years Resolutions
  10. December Favorites
  11. 3 different types of hot chocolate
  12. How to have a cozy day at home
  13. Winter activities
  14. Christmas: Expectation vs Reality
  15. Christmas post ideas post (What I’m doing right now)
  16. Christmas Games
  17. Christmas dinner course: Appetizers, Dinner, Desserts
  18. Final touches: Christmas Eve
  19. Gifts for your picky siblings
  20. Favorite Christmas Bloggers
  21. Desserts with candy canes
  22. How to decorate your Christmas tree
  23. Book Review of a Christmas book
  24. Christmas Playlist
  25. Top 5 Christmas movies.

I hope that helped you guys! Did you guya do any of these posts? I did or will be doing most of these.


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