Home Decorations For The Holidays BLOGMAS DAY ⛄️15⛄️/

Hi, my favorites! Today is Blogmas day 11 and I’m posting again! So today’s post is home decorations for the holidays. Let’s check them out!

  • A Jar Of Candy Canes/ candy       

Of course, everybody has to have a jar FULL ” and I say FULL” of candy canes (or Christmas shapes candies). It is such a cute decor for the dining room. My friend had one and I was just picking out the candies 🙂

  • A Christmas Tree

Ummm…. is anybody thinking what I’m thinking? A Christmas tree is ESSENTIAL!! I almost forgot to add it in the list. Like, WAT?? But really, get a Christmas tree! Decprate it with lights, garlands and etc..

  • Outdoor Christmas Light Projector

This thing is so cool! I’ve always wanted one for Christmas or Halloween. It’s a projector that lights up your house in pixels (usually in green and red for Christmas).

  • Mistletoe

One thing that is so sweet in your living room: The sweet ,romantic, beautiful … Mistletoe. It’s one thing that can surely bring some great memories 😉


So that’s it for today! plz like and comment which one is your favorite!

Happy Holidays!

Xx, Nathalia



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