Stocking Stuffers: Small gifts that everyone will love | Blogmas Day ⛄22⛄



Today, I’m here with a post I did last year: 5 DIY Gifts for family and friends, so you should go and check a look at that one before you read this one.

I just arrived in the USA where I’m spending the holidays 🙂 I’m sooo excited 😀😀

Stockings are something that some of us hang, but not all of us use. They are used to put gifts in. I find it pretty  cool 😎 that you can do that, so I decided to tell you guys sime gifts you could put in there. Tip: Put lots of small gifts instead of one big one. 

  1. Hand sanitizer: I got this as a  gift 🎁, and I’m in love! I don’t how it smells like, but it must smell good. I heard these were and maybe are still on sale, so that might be a  good 👍 option. 
  2. My friend gave me this too for Christmas and I put it inside my stocking. Inside there is a lip balm, a  candy cane🍬, an ornament, a BFF bracelet and a necklace. They were all about 10-15 $ in total, so that’s a super  great👍 option too.
  3. Me and 3 other friends did a Secret  Santa 🎅 and it was so much fun!! The things up there are what I got from my friend: 2 chockers, 1 bracelet and 3 rings. In total, it must have been 25 $ (But that’s nothing compared to my friend that bought a ONESIE for the girl she had)
  4. Sweets: The anwser is obvious. My mom bought chocolates for the holiday and I used some to give to my friends. I mixed Lindor, Ferroro Rochers, but you can add gummies, candy canes, etc. 

  • Ornaments: Ornaments are a super good  idea💡 because the Christmas  tree🌳 is always in the spotlight. Great  gift 🎁 for the crafty ones. 

Do you use your stocking? If you do, what was the favorite thing you received?


Eve 💜


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