2016 Highlights and Yearly Wrap up | 50 followers | 12 New Years Goals for 2017 | News

wassup-its-evelynn*This is a super long post so beware..

My my, 2016, what a year.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos won the Peace Nobel Prize for trying to end his country’s 50 year war. 

The United Kingdom left the EU.

Muhammed Ali and Prince passed away (in June and April.)

Grace Vanderwaal was the youngest winner on America’s got talent. She now has an album, Perfectly Imperfect.

The most popular album was 21 by Adele who made a huge comeback with her song “Hello” which  got billions of views on Youtube.

The best movie of 2016 was Zootopia on the tomatometer. It was rated 98% on it.

The song of the summer was One Dance by Drake ft WizKid (Yasss)

Donald Trump won the US Election November 8th.

But most importantly…

ItsATweenLife first written post in 2016 was 7 Tips to organise yourself, which got 3 likes.

ItsATweenLife changed it’s title to Evelynn and Nathalia’s DIY Corner.

At the end, Our Little DIY Corner got 69 followers and a blog stat number of________. Our blog got customized about 100 times (I’m exaggerating… Maybe not.)

This blog’s most supportive followers have been Aqsa, Marioness, The Living Me, Absolutely Olivia 💙, lakiya03, and Brookie Soars (Thank you, you guys are so AWESOME!)

My five newest followers ChIriz Chan, thecrazychicrashmi, JESS @PT CONTENDER, Sound of Silence, and Doni W,and my five oldest followers are Darly Darly, Amanda, Artistic Animal, natalieslovelyblog and Dr. K.L Register.

So far, we’ve won 4 awards, and done 1 tag.

Projects for the future:

– Collaborations with many bloggers. 

– Learning and doing more DIY’s

– Get around 80-130 followers in total. 

– Blog at least one a week. 

– Start/Continue: Blogger Of The Month, Surprise Saturday (Book reviews, outfits) or Freaky Friday (Freaky DIY’s getting tested) or Motivational Monday (Cuz no one likes Mondays)

– Get Nathalia to blog more (Twice a month)

Did you guys like that wrap-up? I LOVED doing it, especially because I got to search up interesting things that happened! That was probably my favorite post, so I’ve decided…

NEWS [?]

I’ll be doing Monthly Wrap-ups! I’ve seen it on many blog since.. November I think? (Credits to anyone that’s currently doing it) And I’ve been wanting to start EVERY since. I was thinking Weekly Wrap-ups, but what if I don’t post that week? Conclusion: Monthly Wrap-ups it is!

On New Years, everyone is making resolutions, but I never really achieved them and/or I’d forget about them. Then I read a blog post about someone who instead of making resolutions would make goals, and I did some major thinking. Then I decided that’s what I wanted to do: Goals. I believe it will be much easier.

My blogging goals were up there but I’ll just explain them:

– Collaborations with many bloggers.

I haven’t done many collaborations but they look like fun! 

How I’m gonna do it: I’m thinking of doing a Collab-o-week, where that week I’d post about a collaboration I did with an other blogger. If you would like to collaborate with me (I’m too boring, aren’t I?) then please comment down below ⤵

– Learning and doing more DIY’s

DIY’s are what form this blog, and I’ve recently done lots of DIY’s that I will post about soon, but I want to learn more and be more creative. I think my DIY’s will mostly be centered around fashion because that is my favorite thing (Tied with DIY’s, obviously)  

How I’ll do it: I’ll find more DIY ideas with my Pinterest account (Go and follow it if you haven’t yet!) http://www.pinterest.com/OurLittleDIYCorner

– Get around 80-130 followers in total.

I got about 55-60 more followers this year and I’m super proud of that, generally because my first blogging year was very  slow🐌 . If I can get 50 more followers in 2017, I would be at about 120 followers [!] and I would be more than  happy ☺  

How I’ll do it: I think I might be writing lots of guest posts (Because they are so much  fun!) and discovering many new blogs. I will also be adding lots of Social Media, like Facebook. I only have Google + and I currently added Pinterest. I tried Twitter, but I have to give my phone number (And I am NOT doing that because I know my parents won’t give me permission, and I don’t want too.)

– Blog at least one a week.

 This one is totally achievable😄 because I got a new mint turquoise PLANNER! I’ve been wanting one FOREVER and I was bugging my mom about it, and I finally got it! 

How I’ll do it:  I’ll write down my ideas for posts, and write which day I’ll be posting. I’ll also be scheduling post wayyy earlier to make SURE I have Motivational Monday and Freaky Fridays once a month (Forgive me if I don’t post the Freaky Friday post) 

– Start/Continue: Blogger Of The Month (Hosted by Nathalia generally) Surprise Saturday (Book reviews, outfits: Anything that’s not related to DIYs) or Freaky Friday (Freaky DIY’s getting tested) or Motivational Mondays (Because no one likes Mondays, and I will turn that  frown🙍upside down.

I’ll continue Blogger of the Month for sure but I don’t know which one to choose. Freaky Friday? Surprise Sundays? Or Motivational Mondays? Maybe I could go by month? I think that I’ll do Motivational Mondays every week, and Surprise Sundays when ever I feel like it, and Freaky Fridays every month (once). Does that sound good👍? 

How I’ll do it: Uh, scheduling?

– Get Nathalia to blog more

She dosen’t really blog much (And I think I should be busier with setting up my new blog that will be debuting on January 1rst. I’m so excited!!) so I want to get her more motivated. 

How Ill do it: ILL FORCE HER MUAHHHH 😈😈😈😈

*Before I continue: The reason I’m doing 12 goals 🎯 is because I’m going on 12 years old! And twelve is my lucky 🍀 number ^ω^.

12 Lifestyle/Personal goals:

-Create myself a healthy morning🌄routine

– Clean up after myself

– Blog more 📝 

– Get 70-100 followers

– Calculate when\what I eat 🍛 evey day

– Write in my planner

– Study

– Organize my room each Sunday

– Read at least 1 book a week 

– Take school more seriously

– Have an active lifestyle

– Worry😟 less and have FUN! 😄

What ❓ are your goals/resolutions? Comment down below👇

Thank 🙏you EVERYONE who is reading 📖 this post. I have many friends on WordPress and I feel so blessed. I hope you have an amazing😱 year and that you continue to join me in this amazing journey full of DIY’S.

*If your reading THIS, comment POTATA



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  1. POTATA 😂 Hope you have a great day! I would love to collab sometime! Right now, I am a little busy with some guest posts and such, but definetly during Mid-January.

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