Motivational Monday -My Goal For The Week

Hello, and welcome to our first Motivational Monday (MM), and also, our first 2017 post!!! If you read Evelynn’s post, you know what it is. If you didn’t, no worries! Basically, MM is that one of us posts a motivational post on Monday because NOBODY likes Mondays. So if we have an advice post, or motivational post, of course, it will be posted on Monday. So anyways, lets get going!

My Goal For The Week: Find al Lest 10 New WordPress Blogs


I’ve been trying to find more blogs to explore, and to share them with you, and to see how great the’re posts could be, but I ws never able too. And that is why I am setting it as a goal for the week, because it will kind of force me to do it since I just want to ACHIEVE the innocent goal that could never be achieved :(. I think i’ll check out every single one of your blogs and check out your comments to see if there is anyone that I have no clue who it is, and also check the people that like them!

Quote of the week:

” When You Feel Like Quitting, Think About What You Started”


Happy New Year!

Xx, Nathalia



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