VERY Quick Post | Schedule | 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!

wassup-its-evelynnThis will be very short cuz I gotta get back to my homework (sorry for mistakes btw :p)

My blogging schedule will change cuz I can’t go on electronics on weekdays. I have many awards and tags to do, and I can’t keep them all on my mind, so please comment down below if you nominated/tagged me for something.

I will most likely not be answering comments on weekdays, only on special times. I’ll be very active on wkds, so ya.

Post that are posted will most likely be scheduled (Not this one ~ Like Motivational Monday) so if something important happend and I didn’t mention it, it’s because of that reason.

AND WE GOT TO 100 FOLLOWERS!!! YASSSSSSSS IM SO GRATEFUL SO TYSM!!!!!! AHHH! I hope I get to 200, even if my goal this year was 120!!!

I will speak about this in more details in my next non-schedule post (Probably Freaky Friday, my Monthly Wrap-up or my collab with Marioness :))

Thank you for reading this!

if you have more comments about my blogging schedule, please comment down below or email me @ (I also won’t be checking my emails often.)



28 thoughts on “VERY Quick Post | Schedule | 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!

  1. Congrats! For some reason though, it says 32 for me. Must be a glitch. Also, isn’t this post supposed to be posted on Evelynn and Natalia’s DIY Corner?
    P.S: I nominated you for the 2016-2017 Tag!

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