Motivational Monday ~ Teen Struggles

Hello, and welcome to Motivational Monday (MM) . Don’t know what MM is? Don’t stress; Motivational Monday is that one of us posts a motivational post on Monday because NOBODY likes Mondays. So if we have an advice post, a lifestyle post, or motivational post, of course, it will be posted on Monday. So anyways, lets get going!


We can all agree that the one thing we have in common is that we all struggle with the life of a teenage. Here are things that happend to me every week and that when I’m done, I go

Not exactly that.. I turn purple.
  1. You want to charge your phone over night, and when you wake up, it’s still dead.cctkgtz
  2. You do a super long homework assignement when you think it’s due tommorrow, but it’s due in a week. Sigh. animation.gif
  3. When your parents tell you not to do something, but then they do it.giphy (1).gif
  4. When you decide to be a vegetarien, but your parents make chicken wings.hungry-eating-chicken-wings-competition-mr-bean-rowan-atkinson
  5. When you rub your eyes and remember your wearing makeup.
  6. When you try to ties your hair  tie 3 times, and it doesn’t fit. So you try 2 times, and that’s not enough.

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