3 Differents types of Hot Chocolate | Collab ft. Marioness



I am so so so so SO excited for my first collaboration. And I am even PROUDER to be doing with the amazing Marioness from www.marioness.wordpress.com! If you have no idea who she is, you are in trouble. Seriously, go click her link NOW! You’ll fall in love with it and follow her (I’m 100% sure) because she does the most amazing blog posts (Fashion, Baking, Lifestyle… Everything you guys love!). So after you read about our collab, go click there πŸ‘‰Β to go to her blog.
It’s the lovely season of winter, and we are all freezing our fingers of. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when your freezing? Hot chocolate. Mmm. Even the name gets you excited. I know that Nathalia did a candy cane hot chocolate recipe, but I don’t have the Candy Cane here, and I have 3 new one! They are all so delicious looking and taste AMAZING. Before we get started, after you read this post, you can go to Marioness’ blog to see her part of the collab. TheΒ link will be down below.
~ Featured image ~
Seriously, how could you miss white chocolate? I love white chocolate and what better then a white chocolate HOT chocolate?
Giada De Laurentiis is my favourite chef. There is no doubt. When I found this recipe, i did it right away. I wanted it a lil’ spicy, so I added a bit of chile powder and my gosh. I was SO GOOD. Definitively worth it.
I know, it’s AMAZING! How could you put such wonder in hot chocolate? Well, I have it right here. i don’t even know what to say either then.. DO IT!
And that’s a wrap! Tell me in the comments what hot chocolate looks the best, and if you try them, take a picture of it and.. send it to me?? I don’t know, I just wanna see them! Here’s Marioness link for the post right here: .So now you know lots of amazing hot chocolates, now go learn some desserts!

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