Welcome to our first Monthly Wrap-Up! You are probably wondering what the contest is, so this will be very short. Let’s get into it!


Blog Stat number: 729

Number of visitors: 291

Likes: 384

Comments: 166


Blog Stat number: 848

Number of visitors: 329

Likes: 412

Comments: 169


In January, I posted 10 times. 

3 Differents Types of Hot Chocolate ft. Marioness

Motivational Monday ~ Teen Struggles

2016/2017 tag | The Versatile Award | Blogger Recognition Award | The Mystery Blogger Award

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Artemis Fowl #1: 🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟

The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #3): 🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟

A World Without Princes(The School for Good and Evil, #2): 🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2: 🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟

Mark of the Thief (Mark of the Thief, #1): 🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟

The Bronze Key (Magisterium, #3): 🌟  🌟  🌟  🌟

I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


I don’t really think these count but.. ya know…

Shania’s FPOB Collaboration
Elm’s FPOB Collaboration
Lucia’s FPOB Collaboration
Flawed Silence’s FPOB Collaboration
Joce’s FPOB Collaboration
Amethyst’s FPOB Collaboration
Ayaka’s FPOB Collaboration


Sinead nominated me for the 2016-2017 tag, as well as Jazzy Blogs, Life As Shania, Anna, and Doni W.

Eva with n  also nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award, like SineadMarioness, cassiiegirl, Absolutely Olivia,  and Wormal Blog also did.

Saorsa nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award.

In total, I won 3 awards, got nominated for 1 tag, by 11 bloggers.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


For my birthday (February 12th :D) I am hosting a contest!

I wanted to do something very special with my blog and, as I love customizing my blog, I never know how I should do it or if the followers like it. I decided to give my followers a change to express the way they want my blog to look like. I’m calling it “E & N Blog Makeover”. It will be hosted from February 12 to the 27th.

Once you submit, you will be placed in groups of 4 or more. You can decide to pair up with someone you think you’ll work well with, and then I’ll pair up the pairs.

With your groups, I will share you a blog that you will customize. You can do it however you would like.

The theme for this year is:

Young, fresh, colorful and exciting. 

You will not need Google Hangout. On the blog sidebar, there will be a widget where you will be able to interact. If you go on my blog, you can see it (It’s at the bottom). You will however need to schedule times. Of course, if Google Hangout is easier, then go for it!



Wait, there’s more!

Did I forget to mention that there’s judges! Yes, there is!

The judging panel with consist of me (Evelynn) , Nathalia and..


These 2 girls are AMAZING bloggers AND graphic designers!

Every single judge’s votes counts as 5 %, so we will count as 20%. The other 80% will be you, the public!

If you don’t want to do the contest, you will be able to vote who you think did better. The ones that want to do the contest are also able to vote. You can vote for your own, but only if you think it’s the BEST.

And the best part is..


The prize goes to every member of the team which won. The prizes are:

  • Shoutout in my blog post following the contest
  • Shoutout on my sidebar
  • A signature for your blog
  • A header for your blog
  • A dedicated space on my blog for a week (A page)
  • A guest post on my blog
  • A free printable (bookmark or desktop calendar)

Every member of the winning team gets to choose 3 of these options.



  • You must be following our blog as well as Farah and Mahriya
  • Post/Tweet/Pin THIS IMAGE:
  • eandnblogmakeover
  • on social media you have with the hashtag #EandNBlogMakeover (On 1 social media) (If you don’t have social media, do it in your next blog post)
  • Comment down below
    • Your name
    • Your email
    • Your blog
    • And your partner in crime (Optional)

And that’s that!

I hope you like the idea, and since this is my first one, I hope I get lots of entries!

P:S: We’re at 150 followers!



55 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up | OUR FIRST EVER COMPETITION

  1. OMG. CONGRATS ON 150 but seriously I’m so excited for the contest! OMGGG!! Like WOOWOWOWOW, I’m a judge and I kknow it’s gonna be a super hard job. At first, I was like ‘Yay, i’ll be sure to enter” and then I remembered I was on the judging panel! EEK, i am so exciteeeddd!

    Liked by 2 people

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