My Favorite Grammy Looks + 3 Perfect DIY Red Carpet Hairstyle


Welcome back or welcome to new comers!

First of all, I would like to wish you guys a Happy Valentine’s Day! So sorry I didn’t do any DIY’s or anything but I was so concentrated on the fact that Taylor Swift didn’t go to the Grammys 😦


The Grammy’s this year was… Hum… different. I wasn’t really impressed. I felt like this year’ fashion was a bit too much. Let’s take a look at my 2 favourites.

a) Katharine McPhee


I think she looks so gorgeous. I mean, look at her! She looks so effortless. I love her slick hair style. It looks gorgeous. Her face looks like she’s glowing and it suits her really well. The makeup is seriously on fleek. I think her earrings are my favourite! I love the tear drop shape.

Now, moving on to her dress.

The colours of the dress  are black, purple, orange green, blue and pink. I think the colours went well together but there was a bit to much pink.

The one thing I hate of this dress is that she shows sooo much skin! It’s not as much as Lady Gaga but I’m not a fan of showing skin. She didn’t show that much so I was ok with it.

The bottom of the dress is my FAVOURITE ONE! IT JUST LOOKS SO AMAZING! It tight but no too much, and the opening is PERFECT.

b) Camila Cabello



Her makeup looks so amazing! Her lip colour is just so beautiful and so if her blush. Her eye shadow is amazing too.

I don’t really like the dress. I adore the colour of the dress and I love the collar. I think I would have liked the dress better if there wasn’t the little flower-thingys. I think I like it because she looks SO GOOD in it.



Now you know my favourite looks, I will introduce you to 3 very cute hairstyle that go perfectly well with the red carpet, but also a graduation party or a wedding.

  1. Waterfall Braid via The Freckled Fox waterfallSandra Oh looks STUNNING! Rock this hairstyle with these simple steps from The Freckled Fox.

– brush
favorite curling iron
– hair-tie
– bobby pins
– hairspray


Step 1: Begin by brushing your hair smooth, then quickly curl the bottom 6-8 inches of your hair in 3 inch wide sections(Hint: alternate between pointing your iron upwards and downwards for variation in your curls:)). Fluff your scalp with your fingertips to loosen the curls, and spritz with hairspray.

Step 2: Pull all your hair up into a high ponytail and secure tightly with a hair-tie, pulling your fringe or bangs out if desired. Tug your hair out from the ponytail a bit to create volume on top, then separate the hair right above the ponytail base and create a gap about an inch wide and an inch or two deep.

Step 3: Next you’re going to just start with the hair-tie and start pushing your ponytail into the gap head first:) Only push about half of the ponytail in however, make sure you’re leaving out 6 or so inches of curly hair. Tug the hair on your scalp out again for more volume, and fluff the remaining hair from your ponytail up and around the ponytail base and pin it in place a bit. Spray for hold, and you’re done!”

Via The Freckled Fox

  1.  Braided Chignon via A Beautiful Messbraided-bunJessica Alba literally SLAYS! this. It looks so chic and elegant, but it doesn’t look like she tried too hard. Here’s how you do it, via A Beautiful Mess.

Braided Hair Tuck StepsStep 1: Take a small section of hair on one side of your head and braid. Step 2: Underneath the braid, take another section of hair and twist. Repeat on the other side. Step 3: Gather the braids and the twists at the back of your head and secure with a pony tail holder. Steps 4-6: Take the hair that is left down and tuck it into the smaller braids. Secure with bobby pins if necessary. My hair was too long for a simple tuck, so I braided the back before I tucked! xoxo. Katie

Via A Beautiful Mess

  1.  The Party Bun via The Freckled Fox


Tina Fey looks like a BO$$ with this party bun. Follow the instructions down below to get the same result!

– teasing comb.
– two hairties
– bobby pins
– hair spray


Step 1: Begin by smoothing all your hair back into a sleek high ponytail(if you have curly hair, you can either straighten it beforehand or just expect a more textured look:)). spray your head down and smooth the top for extra ‘sleek-ness’:) next you’re going to use another hair-tie on top of the other. Pull your hair through twice, but on the last time don’t pull it through all the way, but stop after creating a loop that’s about 6 inches across.

Step 2: I have a lot of hair leftover at this point, but if you use up all your hair in the loop because it’s shorter, that’s just fine! Next you’re gonna pull the loop forward and just let it nestle nicely onto your head. Pin the middle from either side, and the ends will lay in place, creating a cute little dome of hair!

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed!

32 thoughts on “My Favorite Grammy Looks + 3 Perfect DIY Red Carpet Hairstyle

  1. I have to agree with you Camila’s dress was a bit to extra with the flowers. I liked the design and the shape of it though, it was pretty.

    I’m getting into drawing and designing dresses myself, so this post was very interesting for me!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have to agree with you, Camille’s dress was very pretty. I loved the color and the way it was shaped, but the flowers were a bit to extra for me. I don’t think that they fit in with the dress.

    I’m getting interested in designing dressing myself, although I may have to learn how to sew first to make them come true, haha.

    Liked by 3 people

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