Motivational Monday – My New Favourite De-Stressing App


Hey guys! Welcome to another Motivational Monday!! Yay!

Don’t know what MM is? Don’t worry!

Motivational Monday is that one of us posts a motivational post on Monday because we don’t all like Mondays. So if we have an advice post, a lifestyle post, or motivational post, of course, it will be posted on Monday. 

I’m so sorry this didn’t get posted yesterday! Must of had a problem with the scheduling. xx

*This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are my opinions.

I have found an new app on the App Store that I have fallen in love in.



If you don’t know what Happify is, it’s basically an app to get your negative vibes out and your positive vibes in.

I was watching Zoella’s de-stress video and she had so much apps so I had to download one, and I found this one!

It’s so cute because they have games like Angry Birds that are changed. The pigs are your negative thoughts, and the birds are your positives thoughts.

Happify is also a website that you can check out here.



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