Fun Things to do During Spring Break!

Fun things to do during march break

Hi, guys! It’s Nathalia on-the-go! Get it? No, ok… Anyways I’m really excited to do this post because I haven’t posted in 3 weeks. So I’m gonna present to you fun activities to make your March break the best!! So here they are!

  1. Host a sleepover: This one HAS to be done. A sleepover is great! Invite 3 or 4 friends and install an air mattress/sleeping bag for the night and party on for 2-3 days!! ….If your room is big enough…  But ya, anyways, have some chips, video games, watch some horror movies and youtube videos, bake a cake and as I said, P.A.R.T.Y – O.N.
  2. Prank people: Ok, I know this is not really something we call an activity, but it can honestly be hilarious! Here are some pranks I got in mind, that came from a Youtube video I had watched recently, and I think you’re gonna like them!
  • Add some mouth numbing gel in the toothpaste… Umm.. I don’t know the word…  Squeezer? I don’t know. Please tell me the word. But be careful with this one because it could be a little risky.
  • Bake cupcakes, and instead of putting yellow icing, put some yellow mustard.
  • Take pencils from somebody’s pencil pouch, and put some clear nail polish on the tip so that the led will not write!

By the way, if you’re doing this during a sleepover, or with some friends over, DO NOT prank the invites.

3.  Spa Day

You should really take a day to relax at home and make yourself an at-home spa day. Paint your nails, do a face mask, eat as healthy s you can, take a bath bomb bath. Speaking of bath bombs, here’s a DIY bath bomb post that Evelynn made! Go check it out! It’s awesome!

4. Do some DIY’s

So for this one, I’ll show you a DIY that you can do at home that is simple and good looking!

  • DIY Galaxy Mason Jar for Room Decor

Materials:  /Silver Glitter and holo stars/Acrylic Paint (Pink, dark blue, purple, light blue)/Water/Cotton balls/Mason jar with no handle/Containers/Wooden sticks 

    S1: Take 4 containers and add some water to them. After that, put some of the acrylic paint to give it a kind of water color. Make sure not to add too much paint. Stir the water and paint with a wooden stick until it’s well mixed together.

     S2: Take your mason jar, and stretch the cotton balls. Put that cotton on the bottom, about a 4th of the cup filled. Sprinkle some silver glitter on the cotton balls, and then put a pinch of holo stars.

     S3: Pour your light blue water paint, or any color of your choice, and add just enough to soak your cotton balls. If you poured too much water paint, just add cotton. Then press it down and mix it very gently with the wooden stick until you can see the sparkles everywhere. Repeat step 3 with all the other colors.

For a show, hang a chalk note, and write a quote on it! 

Thanks, I hope you enjoy trying these out!

Xx, Nathalia






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