Motivational Monday: Photography Tips



First of all, Happy International Women’s Day! I know this was like, 2 weeks ago (So sorry I never post anything!). We are females and we are strong, so we gotta #OwnIt

Second, of all, it’s my Spring Break is over! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 That means that school starts TODAY. Wish me luck xx

And speaking of Spring Break, Easter is coming right up! I’ve got a few ones coming soon, but in the meanwhile, you could read the ones from last year right down here ↓

8 Fun Things To Cook/Bake On Easter! 

10 Fun Things to do for March Break + Amazing Easter Crafts!


I suck at taking pictures.

When I posted my own pictures, you must have been like “Eww!!” or cringing inside. Because I definitively was.

So I decided to get better because I really do love it, and I think I did get better!

The thing is, I have an iPhone 4, so it’s been pretty hard trying to get those pretty pictures.

With a bit of luck, you can get those Instagram-Worthy Pics with your iPhone 4!

*Before we start, can we silently admire my new featured image… I finally followed a theme!

Photography Tips

(Stock Image by Wonderlass) (Pin Me!)

Step 1- The Settings

With your iPhone (4, 4s):

  • Put it in SQUARE mode
  • Put your HDR on
  • Clean your lens

With an iPhone (5, 5s, 5c):

  • Put it in SQUARE mode
  • Put your HDR on
  • Clean your lens

With an iPhone (6, 6s, 6s +, 7):

  • Put it in PHOTO mode
  • Put your HDR on
  • Clean your lens

Step 1- The Settings (1)

For those of you with an iOS lower than 7, then I suggest the following apps:

  1. Camera360
  2. Rookie Cam
  3. Tadaa
  4. Photo Blur

For those of you with an iOS higher than 7, then I suggest the following apps:

Each camera is different, and some are more updated than others. Just work with it, and learn about it. There are different things such as:


Shutter speed,


White balance,

Autofocus and

Manual focus

Learn what these are and PRACTICE using them. You want to find your angle and what looks better.

Step 5- Taking your pictures

Alright! You are all ready!

When taking a picture, you will need a backdrop. I personally use black or white.

Now keep your hand steady and CLICK! You are finished!

You might want to edit it if you don’t find that your picture looks good enough. Follow Zoella’s tips for editing by clicking the link right here.

~ The Checklist ~

Here is a downloadable checklist for your checklist! It includes all the steps so you don’t forget it. Make sure to include if you would like black and white, or color.

Click the image down below to fill up the form.


(Yes, this was one of my old photos. Yes, it’s cringy)

I really really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Photography is very fun, but it is something that you learn. I am not an expert so I will not give you the best of the best, but these work amazingly for me, so I hope they do for you.

I’m actually off to a photo shoot for a DIY that I hope will work and I may be able to post 🙂

I really hope that you try out photography and that that encourages you to start taking pictures.



13 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Photography Tips

  1. Wonderful post! Those are great tips 🙂 Photography is so much fun, granted that you know what you’re doing, haha! I used to take pictures with my iPhone 4s, but now I have a 5s and I love taking pictures with it just as much. Thank you for all the tips! I already use Rookie Cam (one of my fave apps!), but I’ll have to look up Prisma; it sounds cool! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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