The way to organize the perfect Easter party

Wassup! It’s Nathalia. So basically, this is an Easter post by the way. And I noticed that none of my friends or anyone I know has ever really done an Easter party! So there are some activities/things to do/games, for TWEENS that you could do to entertain your guests. But before I start, I know that I had an Easter post where there was an outfit with a black cropped sweater and black leggings with a flower pattern on a sidebar. But that was a mistake. It had been published by accident. If you liked the post, thank you very much! So anyways, let’s get into it!

*Tip: Keep your guests entertained AT ALL TIMES



1Capture The Egg

-Divide the group into two teams. Set four eggs in a line at each end of the playing field. The players must try to capture the other team’s eggs and bring them to their side of the field without being tagged by the opposing team. If they are tagged by an opponent, they must “freeze” until they are tagged by a player on their own team. You could even add a tackle version of this!

2. Easter Scavenger Hunt – I actually made this one up myself! So if any questions, comment them…

Separate your guests into 2 teams. Have a non-player guest/person prepare riddles on small carton paper.  Set up one spot in the house where they will start the hunt. But make sure that they are on opposite sides of the house. Start off with one of the riddles that you created. Once the team has answered the riddle, they will have to use directions to get to the next stop. Continue like that with both teams until the end. Then, for the team that gets to the end first, gets a big prize. And the other, a smaller one.


1. Create your own loot bag

If your not sure what a loot bag is, it’s a gift bag that you usually give to the guests after the party to thank them ton come. And for this, you get to create your own loot bag.

You will need:

A mason jar (With no handle or anything in it/Wrapped Candy/Pop Out Easter egg stickers (Optional)

All you need to do is put some easter egg stickers on the mason just enough for it to be well decorated. Then, fill your mason jar with candy. If you want, for the show, only if the mason jar you bought has a mini chalkboard on it, write your name. That’s it!

2. Bake some Easter-themed icing cookies

This is a simple sugar cookie recipe, you can add your own design with the icing.

To look up the recipe, click here (scroll down until you find the recipe) 🙂

3. Truth or dare

I know, I know, this is the good old game… The ultimate truth or dare. You could even play this in an intense way! 

*Remember, keep your guests entertained!

I’m out!

Xx, Nathalia



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