Style Swap Challenge! Ft. Sasha @ The Stylish Dreamer

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FINALLY, I’m posting my collab post with SASHA! SQUEEE! 

We are collaborating over FASHION because we are just soo obsessed with it!

We’re going to be doing the Style Swap Challenge. It’s basically where we made 3 outfits using the other person’s style preference.

The five words she used to describe her sense of fashion was:

Bohemian, fun, chic, colorful and dressy


Style Swap Challenge #1

I tried to go for a really color-ry vibe because it’s spring! I’ve always loved those cute lil’ backpacks that seem to be everywhere. I make it a really bright color so that you’d say “Wow! That backpack is lit.”

The orange nail polish really struck out to me so I decided to add that in too. And lastly,  who doesn’t like a good old pair of Nike??

Sasha’s Thoughts:

First of all,the colors are all perfect! They go together so well,I love it! The shirt and the jeans are all super pretty and I am now obsessed with that gorgeous backpack 😍❤

SECOND OUTFIT:Style Swap Challenge #2

For this outfit, I was thinking “Let’s go classy but not too much”.

That’s why I added that little flower touch: I wanted to tone it down. + I love that purple-ish color! It would look super nice – but you can’t put too much.

Sasha’s Thoughts:

Evelynn is officially a fashion queen! I really love the flower crown with the black shirt and denim skirt as well as the bold purple lip and beautiful eye makeup! They all go so well together, it’s perfect!

Third Outfit:

Style Swap Challenge #3

I love this outfit the most!

It’s a really nice nude theme going around that I adore! The lip color is my favorite. Again, that salmon color is one that truly can’t go out of style (This coming from a girl who believes that if a song is 1 month old, its old).

I love the romper soooooooooooooo much. I am obsessed with lace: my closet is full of it. The criss-cross is so cute and I love it. A LOT.

Lastly, the earrings. I wanted to add a pop effect so I put those and boom! the outfit was complete.

Sasha’s Thoughts:

 I really like the color of the outfit here but I think the nude colored shoes are definitely my favorite ones and those earrings are stunning! They are so unique and I love the pop of black and white ❤

To finish, here are some fashion tips!

1) Always check what the latest trends are and have a go-to for inspo.

Blogs like Teen Vogue and Seventeen are always on topic. It’s a great place to get to see what are the new fashion and beauty trends.

To find the PERF inspo, go to Pinterest (Obviously!). You can check out my boards Fashion and lookbook.

2) Know your palette and overall style.

This is very important because, with that in mind, you can base your whole closet. I am a casually chic, Tumblr-ish person, so that’s what most of my closet looks like. 

+ When you’re surfing the web, you can type in those keys words and get exactly what you want!

Your color palette is the color that you would like your closet to be centered around. Pastel person? Your palette probably looks like this:


Love popping colors? Then maybe it looks like this:


It really depends on what you think of your closet.

3) Be confident!

You always look better when you feel better. Your strongest accessory is your smile, so make sure to always have it on.

  • Can’t find your strongest accessory? Do this activity:
  1. Draw yourself in your dream outfit (Or you can choose to do hair or makeup instead
  2. In blue, write your strengths. In orange, write your weaknesses. In purple, write how you would describe your fashion sense in at least 3 words. In green, your fave colors. 

Not only will you learn things about you, but you will find all the things you’re good at that you don’t even realize.

Need an example? Here’s mine:


Yes, my hair actually looks like that (but smaller)!


And that’s a wrap!

Tell me what you think in the comments below and tell me what your favorite outfit was! Make sure to check out Sasha’s blog (And thank you again for this opportunity to collab!) and to read her post!

Also.. I’m back from my break a lil’ bit earlier because I couldn’t survive blogging until June! The monthly wrap-up will come soon: Don’t worry!



11 thoughts on “Style Swap Challenge! Ft. Sasha @ The Stylish Dreamer

  1. Those outfits are Absolutely Amazing! You have so much style! Keep posting blogs like this and you are bound to have thousands of followers!!! 🙂

    This is my blog:

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  2. Agh, you both are such amazing fashion designers! I have an eye for aesthetics, and while I enjoy looking for clothes (most of the time) and looking good, I don’t really care much for fashion haha. But the tips you had and the outfits you made are really awesome! 🙂


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