Unique & Fun Things To Do On Mother’s Day, That Your Mom Will L❤️VE

So sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, but I couldn’t find a post to do, and I really didn’t want to look up on the internet, because that would kind of be lazy… But anyways, I know that mother’s day is coming in like 1-2 weeks. I’m sorry, I don’t have time to calculate math…So I was thinking to find some unique & fun things to do on Mother’s Day! They’re unique & fun things to do on mother’s day that your mom will love, hence the title of this post, Unique & Fun Things To Do On Mother’s Day, That Your Mom Will LOVE! So let’s get started:

  1. Have a “vacation”

Even if you don’t have the money or time to go on a big, expensive vacay, for your mom, you should do an in-town vacation! Don’t worry, I’ll explain🤣. If our mom has always wanted to go to Paris, ou can get a little taste of it in your hometown! Have a croissant (crescent) with an outdoor picnic in the afternoon, with a picnic basket packed with some french bread, delightful cheese, and fruit. Also, you can always order from a restaurant! To pair that theme with your kitchen, add a checkered red and white tablecloth, and a small flower bouquet. And finally, teach your family some French words, like “bonjour”, as in hello, and “merci”, as in thank you. (If you need any help with some french, I’m the right one for it

2. Make a mother- daughter (or son) collage!

Start by ordering some of your favorite mother-and-you portraits from, and pinpoint some thick paper. Get crazy with this project! Cut the pictures into different shapes and sizes. After that, paint or glue them onto the poster board with glue. To make the project more interesting, add some pretty designs with markers. Put the cadre somewhere where you could both see it!

3. Make her a DIY craft hand-made!

Moms L💖 VE our DIY gifts, but what she also must love is her morning coffee or soothing tea! This cute coffee sign, made with collected wood and finished with a few subtle designs, and coffee mugs, will become her favorite spot in her kitchen!

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My April Playlist

Hi! Sorry, I’m so late on this post, but no worries, because I found some REAL good songs on Spotify!! And I have lots of songs in this playlist!

Like…Résultats de recherche d'images pour « real good gif »

So anyways… Ummm, here are they! 

  1. Attention – Charlie Puth

Wow! This is really my big hit for April! And probably for May too but probably not. IT’S TOO GOOD!!!

Sorry, I just had to do that again. Did anybody but me…and my mother…. realize that his voice is so subtle, and calming and just…SO FINE!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfs8NYg7yQM

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2. Luke Fonsi, Daddy Yankee – Despacito ft. Justin Bieber

You know in the past, most people weren’t a fan of JB, but know, his songs are 💣! Especially this one! If you see the title, and you don’t recognize the language, you’ll understand why… But only if you listen to the song!!! So ya, go and listen to it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72UO0v5ESUo 

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « justin bieber despacito »

3. There’s Nothing Holding Me Back – Shawn Mendes

I love the beat of this one! It’s fast and amusing! SO good!!!… She says that she’s never afraid, just picture everybody naked… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7xzXDStQnk

4. Demi Lovato – No Promises ft Cheat Codes

The album picture is really cool first of all! But anyways, I know it’snot the newest song ever, but it still should be on my April playlist! It’s kind of a slow, but elegant, but fast pace. You know what I mean?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Otfn42u6dAE

5. G- Easy & Kehlani – Good Life (From The Fate Of The Furious Album) 

I LOVE THIS SONG!! And so does Evelynn! We actually play it every day probably 3 times in 15 minutes on Spotify at home! It’s really good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG9M0aEpJGE

6. Sign of the Times

You guys probably know that the 1d band split up in 2016. And Louis has a song, obviously Zayn, Niall and now Harry too! My sisters hate it, and so did I, but now I really like it! It’s soft rock music, and not pop, so most of you guys won’t like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0GKGpObgPY

7. DJ Khaled – I’m the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne

Lots of people included right? 5!!! And another JB song? Nice! So good! Great beat, and it’s a really good dance song! And on that picture, it’s DJ Khaled’s son!!😍😍 👶👶 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weeI1G46q0o

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The way to organize the perfect Easter party

Wassup! It’s Nathalia. So basically, this is an Easter post by the way. And I noticed that none of my friends or anyone I know has ever really done an Easter party! So there are some activities/things to do/games, for TWEENS that you could do to entertain your guests. But before I start, I know that I had an Easter post where there was an outfit with a black cropped sweater and black leggings with a flower pattern on a sidebar. But that was a mistake. It had been published by accident. If you liked the post, thank you very much! So anyways, let’s get into it!

*Tip: Keep your guests entertained AT ALL TIMES



1Capture The Egg

-Divide the group into two teams. Set four eggs in a line at each end of the playing field. The players must try to capture the other team’s eggs and bring them to their side of the field without being tagged by the opposing team. If they are tagged by an opponent, they must “freeze” until they are tagged by a player on their own team. You could even add a tackle version of this!

2. Easter Scavenger Hunt – I actually made this one up myself! So if any questions, comment them…

Separate your guests into 2 teams. Have a non-player guest/person prepare riddles on small carton paper.  Set up one spot in the house where they will start the hunt. But make sure that they are on opposite sides of the house. Start off with one of the riddles that you created. Once the team has answered the riddle, they will have to use directions to get to the next stop. Continue like that with both teams until the end. Then, for the team that gets to the end first, gets a big prize. And the other, a smaller one.


1. Create your own loot bag

If your not sure what a loot bag is, it’s a gift bag that you usually give to the guests after the party to thank them ton come. And for this, you get to create your own loot bag.

You will need:

A mason jar (With no handle or anything in it/Wrapped Candy/Pop Out Easter egg stickers (Optional)

All you need to do is put some easter egg stickers on the mason just enough for it to be well decorated. Then, fill your mason jar with candy. If you want, for the show, only if the mason jar you bought has a mini chalkboard on it, write your name. That’s it!

2. Bake some Easter-themed icing cookies

This is a simple sugar cookie recipe, you can add your own design with the icing.

To look up the recipe, click here (scroll down until you find the recipe) 🙂

3. Truth or dare

I know, I know, this is the good old game… The ultimate truth or dare. You could even play this in an intense way! 

*Remember, keep your guests entertained!

I’m out!

Xx, Nathalia


My March Playlist

Hey, my girls! I haven’t done a February playlist, so I’m running a little late on monthly playlists. But this is my March playlist!

If you want more playlist, check out the Monthly Playlist Zone. 

(Our Little DIY Corner → Fun Zone → Monthly Playlist) 

  1. That’s what I like – Bruno Mars

OH, MY GOSH. I can not help but just listen to this song anytime, anywhere. If I’m in the car, and I hear the song, I will blast the music. I swear. All I have to say is that it’s the best song in the world. Period.


2. ZEDD, Alessia Cara – Stay

I heard this song, one day, In the car. And I was like “Who sings this song? Alessia Cara?”. And of course, Evelynn, the celebrity news channel in person, responded “Yup! It’s her new song”. And ever since, I and her fell in love with this hit. But please note that I do not like it more than Bruno Mars.


3. Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran

Ok, stop right there. If you haven’t heard this song, I don’t know what kind of music you listen too. Like rap, or R&B, or rock etc… Pop music has the new jams. Like this one. It is the #1 hit right now. (But not in my brain. MY #1 hit is the #1 song on my March playlist :D). This song is great! And btw, the video is really funny towards the end.

maxresdefault (1)

4. Everyday – Ariana Grande ft Future

I find Ariana Grande’s songs are getting more mature. Like I mean, I know she usually does songs that aren’t very mature since 11/12 y.o listen to her songs. I mean this song has like lots of cursing and the video is very…. Ummm….. well, something else to see. So I recommend you to watch the audio unless you like inappropriate videos ;).

tn-arianangrande-everyday-maxresdefault-590x590 (1)

5.  Jason Derulo – ‘Swalla’ ft Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign 

It’s actually a good dance song, and the chorus is BOSS. I am starting to really like the song! Definitely recommended.


Have a great day,

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Post: Easter

Post: Easter


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Blogger of the month

Sup… Yo! It’s your girl Nathalia, and this is the one and the only Blogger Of The Month Award for March. I really look in personality, and blogging skills. So for this month, the blogger of the month is… Drumroll Please!

Blogger of the month- (3)

Congratulations to Krazy Kiyale for winning this award! She is a kind and unique blogger. You should check out her blog: https://krazykiyale.wordpress.com. Here is an acrostic poem explaining how great Kiyale(‘s) (blog) is:



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She says: “Just another KIYALE in a seemingly KRAZY world!!!”


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Fun Things to do During Spring Break!

Fun things to do during march break

Hi, guys! It’s Nathalia on-the-go! Get it? No, ok… Anyways I’m really excited to do this post because I haven’t posted in 3 weeks. So I’m gonna present to you fun activities to make your March break the best!! So here they are!

  1. Host a sleepover: This one HAS to be done. A sleepover is great! Invite 3 or 4 friends and install an air mattress/sleeping bag for the night and party on for 2-3 days!! ….If your room is big enough…  But ya, anyways, have some chips, video games, watch some horror movies and youtube videos, bake a cake and as I said, P.A.R.T.Y – O.N.
  2. Prank people: Ok, I know this is not really something we call an activity, but it can honestly be hilarious! Here are some pranks I got in mind, that came from a Youtube video I had watched recently, and I think you’re gonna like them!
  • Add some mouth numbing gel in the toothpaste… Umm.. I don’t know the word…  Squeezer? I don’t know. Please tell me the word. But be careful with this one because it could be a little risky.
  • Bake cupcakes, and instead of putting yellow icing, put some yellow mustard.
  • Take pencils from somebody’s pencil pouch, and put some clear nail polish on the tip so that the led will not write!

By the way, if you’re doing this during a sleepover, or with some friends over, DO NOT prank the invites.

3.  Spa Day

You should really take a day to relax at home and make yourself an at-home spa day. Paint your nails, do a face mask, eat as healthy s you can, take a bath bomb bath. Speaking of bath bombs, here’s a DIY bath bomb post that Evelynn made! Go check it out! It’s awesome!

4. Do some DIY’s

So for this one, I’ll show you a DIY that you can do at home that is simple and good looking!

  • DIY Galaxy Mason Jar for Room Decor

Materials:  /Silver Glitter and holo stars/Acrylic Paint (Pink, dark blue, purple, light blue)/Water/Cotton balls/Mason jar with no handle/Containers/Wooden sticks 

    S1: Take 4 containers and add some water to them. After that, put some of the acrylic paint to give it a kind of water color. Make sure not to add too much paint. Stir the water and paint with a wooden stick until it’s well mixed together.

     S2: Take your mason jar, and stretch the cotton balls. Put that cotton on the bottom, about a 4th of the cup filled. Sprinkle some silver glitter on the cotton balls, and then put a pinch of holo stars.

     S3: Pour your light blue water paint, or any color of your choice, and add just enough to soak your cotton balls. If you poured too much water paint, just add cotton. Then press it down and mix it very gently with the wooden stick until you can see the sparkles everywhere. Repeat step 3 with all the other colors.

For a show, hang a chalk note, and write a quote on it! 

Thanks, I hope you enjoy trying these out!

Xx, Nathalia





Motivational Monday – Tips to Stay Focused in Class

Hi! Today, I am here with another M.M! I will be giving tips/ life hacks to stay focused in class with no distractions because that happens to me, and not gonna lie, I can not stay focused allllllllllll day! So here are the tips!

  • NEVER-EVER have an electronic around you

So the reason that you should not have an electronic with and/or around you is because when that is the case, you just focus on that instead of the teacher or lesson. Also, It’s just going to distract you.

  • Reward yourself at the end of the day

Trying to tell yourself that you will be rewarded at the end of the day is great! In any case, you can pick your reward! (All though don’t make it “Not focusing in class tomorrow”) :P. And your brain will concentrate to get that reward.

  • Eat a good breakfast

Many of you will probably be thinking that this is a lame tip, but really, no! If you get the food you need, you gain the focus you need. Eating a good meal the morning with the 4 groups helps a lot. But also with vitamins and minerals. Trust me, it’s a good one.


Same as the breakfast one, everybody thinks of it as a lame old tip. Again, if you get the sleep you need, you’ll gain the focus you’ll need just because your ind got the rest that is necessary for the school day.

  • Wear Soundproof Headphones 

If you are one of those people that can not concentrate with loud noises, this one is good for you. Having headphones in your class or in like a computer room would be great! If not, no worries. You can always bring a pair from home, or buy some somewhere not too expensive. But only wear the for schoolWORK and not when the teacher is teaching, cuz that would just be awkward…

  • Sit Away From Friends

So if you are in Middle School, or in High School, you can choose your spots… right? Anyways, I’m in elementary school so I can’t really say anything about that, but if you are in Middle  or High school, sit away from friends. Often, your friends distract you. Probably passing notes, or speaking like silent language or something, jst distracts you and you will not focus. I actually find this one good, because my teacher made me and my BEST friend site on OPPOSITE sides of the class sooo.. Anyways, I don’t want this paragraph to be to long.

Hope you like the tips! Comment which one is your fav!

Have a great Monday! 😛

Xx, Nathalia