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#Roomspiration Makeover

        Hi beauties!💄

Today, i’m doing can I say? Ok,ok. Let me rephrase everything:

Hi guys! Today, i’m doing a “IATL Guide to a Room makeover”! I know, I know, it sounds really formal. But me and my sis, Nathalia, are redecorating our room this March Break, am I’m going with a Turquoise/coral theme. But anyways, if you guys where planning to do a makeover, this would help.


                            ItsATweenLife: Guide to a room makeover

                                             Chapter 1: Organise your time 

Its always hard to redo  your room. Luckly, this will help you a lot. If you are planning to do your room, you must be prepared. Make sure that you have a lot of time to work with. 1 week or more will probably do. You must separate your time: If you have 1 week to work with, I suggest the following: You use at least 2 days to plan everything, 3 days to shop, 1 day to place everything, and 1 day for finishing touches. You could also just go with the flow, and not really have a specific schedule. But I suggest a schedule, but do what feels right to you.


                  Chapter 2: Parent Permission

 Your parents must know every. Single. Thing. You. Do. This is VERY important because they are the ones paying for it and, hey, you don’t want them to get mad at you 😉

Tip: Show them your ready for this. Do a 3D model of your room, then do a
before-after. That will also help you for preping.


                                                    Chapter 3: Preping

Step 1: Make a 3D design of your room

Step 2: Choose your color palette and the style you want 

Ex: Turquoise and Coral; Boho Chic Style OR Black and Hot Pink; Girly

Step 3: Go online and find your furniture. (You want stores that are close to you-unless you are ready to ship)

Step 4: Once you have all the furniture, you can use your 3D design to
place it. This is why we made it; to help you.


 Chapter 4: The Essentiels 

When shopping, you must already have a big budget. Even a new bed duvet
cover is about 40 $. Make sure you have a big, steady budget. Talk to your parents about that.



Hey guys!

I’m really sorry that lately I havent been blogging. I’m at that stage that you call..A writer block? I just didn’t have that inspiration I had around say..December. But today, I’m going to show you guys my morning routine! Let’s do this!


7h30: This is the time I usually wake up at (even thought I’m not really a morning person) 

7h30-8h45: I usally go on my phone, my laptop, or my TV. Just normal, typical tween stuff.

8h45-9h25- This is the time I:

  • Do my morning stretching 
  • Condition (The gymnastic type)
  • Workout!

9h25-10: Try cooking stuff, usally I go for my crêpes and/or egg-in-a-slice. If we can get at least 20 views, and 1 comment on my Blogilates post, (Coming soon) I can post my crêpes. If we can get 40 views and 2 comments, I’ll do both. How does that sound?

10-10h30: I eat.

10h30-11: I shower.

And..voila! That’s my morning routine! Luv you guys😘


Fashion Day Edition Post ___________________________________________________

PRODUCT REVIEW: Ivivva Atletica

My favorite sport brand is probably Ivivva. Totally fashionable, and comfy! Check it out for yourself!

Available in: Canada and the US. If your looking for a bigger size, Lululemon is literally the same thing. Ivivva is actually the tween brand (girls only)and Lululemon is 4 adults.

DID YOU KNOW? Ivivva made the sportware on Disney’s “Shake It Up”. Lifetime’s “Dance Moms” team also wears this for practice!


  • Winter Fashion 2015-2016: Comfy, Fashionable, Warm.


So, during the time I wasn’t posting, I was in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. And when I came back, I was FULL of mosquito bites. So, I went online to try to find something to help me. I ran into this website saying what to put in a BATH. Some smoothen your skin, some moisture your skin and some help with itching, irritated skin. I think i’ll do an oatmeal, green tea bath. What will you do? 

Make sure to check it out!