Challenges that you NEED to try

  1.  Cross the kitchen without touching the ground.
  2. Go to an ice cream shop and ask: Do you have ice cream?
  3. Oreo Games:                                                                                                                           (Get the oreo to your mouth starting on your forehead without using your hands.
  4. Watermelon Challenge:                                                                                                         Try to eat the most watermelon without hands in two minutes.
  5.  Blueberries and chopsticks:                                                                                                    Put lots of blueberries into a bowl and try to take as many as you can out, one at a time, with chopsticks in a minute. Make it a race with your friends!
  6. The 7 Second Challenge:Give 7 tasks to your friend and they have to complete it in only 7 seconds. The person who can do the most tasks successfully wins the game.
  7. The Accent Challenge:

    Give each other different accents to speak. LOL!

  8.  The Oreo Challenge 2:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           In the Oreo Challenge, you and your friend are blindfolded and then asked to guess the flavor of the Oreo cookies. Turn by turn, different Oreo cookies are brought out and you have to guess the flavor and the one with the highest correct guesses wins the challenge.