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Hey there!

You probably just landed here, guessing that you’re reading this.

Well, my name is Evelynn, and I created this blog!

I’m an 11 year old 👧 born in 2005. And Evelynn is not my real name. I thought it was cool, and now I have no idea why I chsoe that name because it has nothing to do with my real one. Anyways… I have a passion for baking and fashion. (And a weird obsession with America’s Next Top Model)

(Yes, I know I’m weird 😂)

I’m born/and live in Canada, but I’m African.  My favorite color is turquoise and coral and I’m an emoji-crazy person.

My blog has been running for about a year now, and even if my first year was slow, the pace really got quicker in the last few months.

My blog now has 64 followers (!!)

Which I think is a lot for a tween like me.

This blog started out as ItsATweenLife and I changed the name not so long ago.

My sister, Nathalia, is a new author on my blog and writes AWESOME posts.

This blog is all about DIY’s, but I still keep fashion and life style involved.
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I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog!



Motivational Monday – Tips to Stay Focused in Class


Hi! Today, I am here with another M.M! I will be giving tips/ life hacks to stay focused in class with no distractions because that happens to me, and not gonna lie, I can not stay focused allllllllllll day! So here are the tips!

  • NEVER-EVER have an electronic around you

So the reason that you should not have an electronic with and/or around you is because when that is the case, you just focus on that instead of the teacher or lesson. Also, It’s just going to distract you.

  • Reward yourself at the end of the day

Trying to tell yourself that you will be rewarded at the end of the day is great! In any case, you can pick your reward! (All though don’t make it “Not focusing in class tomorrow”) :P. And your brain will concentrate to get that reward.

  • Eat a good breakfast

Many of you will probably be thinking that this is a lame tip, but really, no! If you get the food you need, you gain the focus you need. Eating a good meal the morning with the 4 groups helps a lot. But also with vitamins and minerals. Trust me, it’s a good one.


Same as the breakfast one, everybody thinks of it as a lame old tip. Again, if you get the sleep you need, you’ll gain the focus you’ll need just because your ind got the rest that is necessary for the school day.

  • Wear Soundproof Headphones 

If you are one of those people that can not concentrate with loud noises, this one is good for you. Having headphones in your class or in like a computer room would be great! If not, no worries. You can always bring a pair from home, or buy some somewhere not too expensive. But only wear the for schoolWORK and not when the teacher is teaching, cuz that would just be awkward…

  • Sit Away From Friends

So if you are in Middle School, or in High School, you can choose your spots… right? Anyways, I’m in elementary school so I can’t really say anything about that, but if you are in Middle  or High school, sit away from friends. Often, your friends distract you. Probably passing notes, or speaking like silent language or something, jst distracts you and you will not focus. I actually find this one good, because my teacher made me and my BEST friend site on OPPOSITE sides of the class sooo.. Anyways, I don’t want this paragraph to be to long.

Hope you like the tips! Comment which one is your fav!

Have a great Monday! 😛

Xx, Nathalia

Pottermore test results!


wassup-its-evelynnI just read Rosinalee’s blog post and the collab between the Stylish Dreamer and My Bookish Life of Pottermore, so how could I not do it?! So shoutout for them for the inspiration!

I’ve read the 2 first books of Harry Potter and I am currently waiting for the 3rd one! I didn’t think that I’d like it, but I started reading it a month ago an LOVE IT!

  • Join your Hogwarts House: What house do I belong in? screenshot-2017-01-01-at-15-25-34 Ohmigosh, this is awesome! My favourite character is Hermione, and I’m in the same house as her, and not to mention Harry Potter! Squee!!
  • Discover your Patronus: What’s my Patronus?screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-1-28-50-pm-650x413Aww! This is so cute! I just read the meaning, and it’s Those with this patronus are playful and bright in character. To cast this patronus takes a large and loyal heart.People with this Patronus are typically thoughtful and committed. Once they pledge allegiance to someone, those who cast the st Bernard show true commitment to friends, family and lovers. Ever thoughtful, those who cast this patronus can seem in their own world.

    Those who cast the St Bernard are very positive and emotional, often warm and bright. Those with the St Bernard can sometimes be hurt easily by others but more often than not, offer a ray of sunshine in a dark world.

    Often adventurous, conjurers of this patronus are always looking for fun. Often following a quest all of their own.

    This patronus is most commonly found in Hufflepuff but also common in Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. It is unusual but possible for this patronus to be in Slytherin.” I love the meaning, and I think it fits me very well.

  • MY ILVERMORNY HOUSE pukwudgie-pride I don’t know what Ilvermorny means, (I’ll search it up in a sec) but here’s the description of Pukwudgie: Named by James Steward, after the fiercely independent magical creature the Pukwudgie; Pukwudgie house is sometimes considered to represent the heart of a witch or wizard. It is also said that Pukwudgie favours healers.” Ohh, i found it! Ilvermony is  like Hogworts, but in America. Ok, continuing.
  • Discover you wand: What wand should I have? wand-light_brown-very_long-carved_handleVine wood | Phoenix feather core | 14 ½” in length| Slightly Yielding flexibility              I. Love. My. Wand. I find it so mysterious yet beautiful! Here’s a few facts about my wand:
  • Vine wands are less common
  • Vine wands seem strongly attracted by personalities with hidden depth
  • Their owners are nearly always those witches or wizards who seek a greater purpose, who have a vision beyond the ordinary and who frequently astound those who think they know them best.
  • Phoenix feathers are the rarest core type.
  • Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this.
  • These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won.
  • The following notes on wand length are taken from notes on the subject by Mr Garrick Ollivander, wandmaker:

    Most wands will be in the range of between nine and fourteen inches. While I have sold extremely short wands (eight inches and under) and very long wands (over fifteen inches), these are exceptionally rare. In the latter case, a physical peculiarity demanded the excessive wand length. However, abnormally short wands usually select those in whose character something is lacking, rather than because they are physically undersized (many small witches and wizards are chosen by longer wands).
  •  The following notes on wand flexibility are taken from notes on the subject by Mr Garrick Ollivander, wandmaker:
    Wand flexibility or rigidity denotes the degree of adaptability and willingness to change possessed by the wand-and-owner pair – although, again, this factor ought not to be considered separately from the wand wood, core and length, nor of the owner’s life experience and style of magic, all of which will combine to make the wand in question unique.

I also did a few quizzes on the official Harry Potter website and here are my results!

  1. Name: Eloise Crabbe
  2. Best friend: Ginny Weasley

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it and.. thanks for reading!


Blogger of the Month



Hey! The last time we did a blogger of the month award, it was in November and Nathalia did it. So now, it’s MY turn. Here the blogger of the month.



Congrats to Olivia for winning the Blogger of the Month Award! Here is an acrostic poem explaining how great Olivia’s blog can be:


Ligitly Awesome xD


Very Kind



About her:


Hi, I’m Olivia and I feel the best when I look the best!  When I was younger, I hated dressing up and wore athletic clothes the majority of the time.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I began to step up my clothing game.  Now, one of my goals is to work in the fashion industry and own a closet that goes on forever!

Fortunately, my sister Camille and I share the love of fashion.  So, I will share with you our Sister Style, mixed in with Solo Style posts.

One of my other passions is doing hair, especially updos (shoutout to my sis for letting me pull and tug to make the perfect hairstyle).  The idea of being a Hollywood hairstylist has always thrilled me.

Along with outfits and Hairstyles, I will also be posting Sewing and Art projects I have completed, and some original Photography!

Continue reading and I hope you enjoy my blog, ABSOLUTELY OLIVIA!


Her latest post:

Blogger Recognition Award

Olivia’s blog is simply divine! She’s creative, and so caring! Olivia’s blog is classy and adorable. Her outfits and photography are AWESOME! I hope you can check it out.




VERY Quick Post | Schedule | 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!

wassup-its-evelynnThis will be very short cuz I gotta get back to my homework (sorry for mistakes btw :p)

My blogging schedule will change cuz I can’t go on electronics on weekdays. I have many awards and tags to do, and I can’t keep them all on my mind, so please comment down below if you nominated/tagged me for something.

I will most likely not be answering comments on weekdays, only on special times. I’ll be very active on wkds, so ya.

Post that are posted will most likely be scheduled (Not this one ~ Like Motivational Monday) so if something important happend and I didn’t mention it, it’s because of that reason.

AND WE GOT TO 100 FOLLOWERS!!! YASSSSSSSS IM SO GRATEFUL SO TYSM!!!!!! AHHH! I hope I get to 200, even if my goal this year was 120!!!

I will speak about this in more details in my next non-schedule post (Probably Freaky Friday, my Monthly Wrap-up or my collab with Marioness :))

Thank you for reading this!

if you have more comments about my blogging schedule, please comment down below or email me @ itsatweenlife.evelynn@gmail.com (I also won’t be checking my emails often.)


Motivational Monday – My Goal for the Week/#Girl Power



Hello, and welcome to the second Motivational Monday (MM) . Don’t know what MM is? Don’t stress; Motivational Monday is that one of us posts a motivational post on Monday because NOBODY likes Mondays. So if we have an advice post, or motivational post, of course, it will be posted on Monday. So anyways, lets get going!

My Goal for the Week: Embrace my #Girl Power


Just about a few days ago, I read a blog post that the lovely Asqa did. It was the #Girl Power tag. As soon as I read it, I fell in love with it.

Us girls are usually underestimated; Our brain, our strength, our speed. But guess what? We’re strong too.

I am too a feminist; Us girls and boys should be equal, not like the older times.

We girls are lower rated for no reason at all. We beat boys all the time, but it’s not about that.

We have the power to change everything. We are the ones that can be kinder, break records, and help. 

So my week goal is to embrace it, and be the most AWESOME girl I can be.


Motivational Monday -My Goal For The Week


Hello, and welcome to our first Motivational Monday (MM), and also, our first 2017 post!!! If you read Evelynn’s post, you know what it is. If you didn’t, no worries! Basically, MM is that one of us posts a motivational post on Monday because NOBODY likes Mondays. So if we have an advice post, or motivational post, of course, it will be posted on Monday. So anyways, lets get going!

My Goal For The Week: Find al Lest 10 New WordPress Blogs


I’ve been trying to find more blogs to explore, and to share them with you, and to see how great the’re posts could be, but I ws never able too. And that is why I am setting it as a goal for the week, because it will kind of force me to do it since I just want to ACHIEVE the innocent goal that could never be achieved :(. I think i’ll check out every single one of your blogs and check out your comments to see if there is anyone that I have no clue who it is, and also check the people that like them!

Quote of the week:

” When You Feel Like Quitting, Think About What You Started”


Happy New Year!

Xx, Nathalia