My January Playlist

Hi! So I’m doing a post I haven’t ever done but Evelynn has did. If you looked at the title, you know what it is. If you did not, I’m doing a January playlist. Basically, I’m taking my 5 favorite songs from the last 3 months (January, December, November). So ya!

1. I don’t wanna live forever – Zayn ft Taylor Swift
I love this song!! I love the beat but just the fact that the two
of them doing a collab because they have 2 great voices, is just great!
If you did not know, this song is specificly for a movie named “Fifty Shades Darker” coming out this year.

Link to song (Audio):

2. Love me now- John Legend

OMG, the first time I heard this song.. well, maybe not the first, I literally fell in love with it… (At the New York Time Square New Years Countdown) It is such a beautiful song! I really recommend it.

Link to video:

3. Rockabye- Clean Bandit ft Sean Paul & Anne Marie

This, at one point, was my #1 favorite song. I always change favorite songs, but this time, oh-no. It is an amazing song! My younger sister (not Evelynn) and I play it all the time!

Link to video:


4. Side to Side- Ariana Grande ft Nicki Minaj

Wow! I think that this is my favorite Ariana Grande song. Did you guys know that this is her second song with Nicki Minaj… That I know of. Her first was Bang Bang. With Jessie J. Oh, and the video might be pretty bad . You know, with Nicki Minaj. So if your parents are a little more protective of you, like mine, don’t watch the video. I will be linking the video AND audio just in case.

Link to video:

Link to audio:


5. No Limit- Usher

Okay, first of all, I don’t know when I found out about this song, or actually noticed it, but it’s actually a great song! I don’t pay attetion to the lyrics sooo… I don’t know if it’s bad lyrics or not! And as well as the video, so I’ll link the audio too. But there is some sware words so make sure to use the clean version if you want.

Link to video:

Link to audio:


Have a great day!

Xx, Nathalia